"I am so glad to have found Renuka to complete the logo for my new business - the design is amazing and the service was so quick and professional. I will be coming here often for all my business needs."
- Kelly Goorts
"Excellent job completing my logo design. They were quick to respond to requests and designed a logo that my Facebook friends loved, and I do too. I would use them again for design services."
- Paul Retherford
"Great design and logo. Renuka was very professional and responsive to my vision for the feel of my logo and was creative, offering different designs. I'd highly recommend this design service. Thank you!"
- Shannon Baxter Zimmerman
"I`m very happy with my new logo - it is perfect and wonderful. I really enjoyed working together and I only can recommend this designer to everybody out there. Every wish has been fulfilled in very short time and always to my satisfaction. Thanks a lot for my great and unique logo. I wish you all the best for your future work."
- Heike Weichler
"Loved, loved, loved the logo design process. Subtle changes and responsive, knowledgeable creative/design assistance made our life easier to achieve our vision. thanks for everything! "
- Connor James
"Working on a logo that was pressed for time, the effort, communication and creativity was very efficient and very much appreciated. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will definitely recommend you to a few people"
- Demetra
"Thank you for a stress free and timely experience with this very important step in my new business.Your creativity in designing my logo and quick response to all my requests and questions was excellent.I would definitely recommend your services to others. "
- Shelly Hexamer
"A great way to start our new business!! They did an excellent job in designing our logo. They dared to add colors to our original concept which made the design unique. They were very responsive to our comments and provided a quick turn around. We are very pleased with the results. We would use their services again. Thank you !! "
- Zuwena Cirillo-De Freitas
"we got something that was a lot better than what we hoped for. The logo includes our web address and a very recognisable figure which we have been able to use very well on social media especially "
- Lars B. Frahm
"From the first ideas submitted, I had a jolt of electricity shoot through me. They GET me! Always eager to improve existing designs, I found equal willingness to completely shift gears and expand horizons. Highly respected by others in the profession- I highly recommend their work! "
- Kim Skinner
"I commissioned her to work on my new company logo and to design and create a template for a major payment card. Even though they are located thousands of miles away outside of Canada and with our time zone difference, we were still able to communicate daily by email and they were able to capture quickly what I wanted to see and feel on the card. That would have been impossible had I picked other designer from the other side of the world! I will definitely use their services again for any graphic design needs I may have in the future."
- Gloria Sanders
"Working with them has been an absolute please. They took the time to make sure that the vision to brand my product was completely up to my highest expectation. I look forward to working with the company again. A million thanks!!" "
- Matthew R. DePalma
"I've had 3 different logos over the course of opening my photography business. I never felt like any of them really fit me and my style well. I wanted strong, but elegant and feminine without being cute. They were able to create exactly what I wanted. I absolutely love my new logo and have an received overwhelming positive response from both men and women about how much they love my new branding. I highly recommend them for your logo creation. They are very professional and will work with you until you receive the perfect logo to reflect your business. "
- Lyncca Harvey
"I had my logo created by them. During the design process, the communication was great, and they asked a lot of good and important questions, making the logo design more personal and applicable to my business. I'm really impressed and very happy with the design, and I would recommend them to everyone"
- Mac Sokulski
"They provided us with an innovative design that responded extremely well to our brief. she assisted us to craft the design into a final logo that we are extremely happy with, provided quick replies to our requests and was helpful in providing creative variations which prompted thought and ultimately resulted in a very pleasing result "
- Chris Shaw
"The design I received is perfect for my business. It is so much better than what I imagined it could be. All my feedback was taken well and applied immediately to the design. Thank you so much for your hard work! "
- Orlando
"I had several designers working on my logo. Being a creative type, I am very specific about the look I want, which is part of the reason it has taken so long for me to choose a logo. They were the only ones to reach out and ask me if I had any questions or changes for my logo. Because of that personal connection and obvious willingness to work with me, it made the decision much easier. I am incredibly happy with my logo. They listened to my requests, no matter how small and created something better than I even imagined. I am very grateful "
- Joy Cannis
" She designed a beautiful logo for my photography business, and was prompt and flexible about making edits. I felt they understood my vision, and worked diligently to deliver a great design"
- Erin Schedler
"Thank you for this wonderful branding piece that explains the intended brand itself. Your work was promt and your delivery was great! Much appreciated! "
- Imad Eddie Jaafari
"She is smart, understand visual communications and do an outstanding job of coming up with original concepts that are innovative and capture the essence of a brand. All this in addition to being easy to work with. I would recommend them without any hesitation. "
- Irfan Jafrey
"The service, timeliness and work was terrific. my logo came out just as I wanted it, and the feedback and changes were easy and seamless. Definitely recommend. "
- T.J Anderson
"She created an eye-catching and memorable design around which I have built my entire marketing campaign. They were patient with my questions and responsive to my feedback. The design that resulted was more beautiful than I had imagined and I felt a part of its creation. I will always be grateful to them for creating the visual representation of my new business. I recommend their work without reservation"
- Sean F. O’Quinn
"Thank you for your careful thought in your work and attention to detail. You are very talented! I was fearful before requesting a design that none would be worthy to add on my name, but your work has really given me a quality signature piece that is one to be admired by many. Thanks again! "
- Arion Gnotta
"She had created two PERFECT designs for me. I started with rather vague ideas and worked with me pretty constantly over just a couple days. In the end I got more than I could have asked for. My logos are INCREDIBLE and I am SOOOO HAPPY!!! "
- Ashley Espeut
" She captured my thought of incorporating my painting signature into my logo. Their service is highly responsive and sensitive. I would recommend them without hesitation! "
- Tracey Mardon
"She had done a great job on my first business logo. The job was well done, and on time.Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative "
- Ciaran Whelan
"She helped me with a logo design a year ago. I find them very open to accept suggestions and accomodating. Eager to assist and make the project smooth. would recommend Renukka to anyone who require creative assistance Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity "
- Wendy Saw
"SHe designed a logo for me and not only was the first concept exceptional but as I asked for changes they were made immediately and exactly as I requested. I am very pleased with the final product."
- Bruce N
"Working with her on my logo was such a wonderful process. The first glance I had at the work submitted caught my attention immediately. It captured the essence of what I wanted in a logo right off the bat and I feel my requests were taken into account when it was being created. We communicated back and forth on different ideas on how to evolve the same logo and I was so impressed by the immediate response and level of service. I was provided with so many variations to help me visualize what the final product could be. I knew from the very beginning of my project that this artist was the one for me because of the product, but also because of how I was taken care of from start to finish and the flexibility. I am pleased to say that I am proud and confident with the art created to represent my new company for many, many years to come. I appreciate having this experience and being blessed with such a fine artist and human being who clearly takes a genuine interest in the work and the people on the other side of it."
- Brittany Merino