logo designclovers
no mascot
$99 non-refundable advance*
3-5 samples
2 revisions
1 color variation
no mascot
$199 non-refundable advance*
15 samples *
10 revisions *
10 color variations
$400 non-refundable advance
5 samples*
10 revisions *
10 color variations

* You do not have any right to use the samples anywhere in any form.
* validity of advance will be 30 days for each new order. within which the order has to be completed from your end, beyond which a fresh order has to be placed.
* samples will begin sending you samples within 48 hours after advance is paid.
* if for any reason you have paid the advance and we haven’t sent the samples within 48 hours , then order will be cancelled & amount paid will be given back to you upon request
* mascot is a unique cartoon/character used endorse your brand.